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Dallas, Frisco Paternity Actions LawyerPaternity in Texas may be either presumed or established. Should a child be born to a married couple, the husband will be the presumed father of the child. Paternity may also be established by a male signing as a father on a birth certificate or other formal record.
A presumed father can dispute paternity by filing a suit to adjudicate paternity. Further, a man who believes he is a father may seek to establish himself as the father of a child. In these cases genetic testing may be sought to scientifically establish paternity.

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Once paternity is established, the father may choose to gain additional custody or possession rights by further court action. Additionally, the parties are also able to agree upon a visitation schedule that they feel is appropriate under the circumstances. In cases where the father does not want to be present in the child's life, parental rights may be terminated and another party may adopt the child or the father may simply be ordered to financially support the child but have no visitation rights.
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