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Not all Texas marriages are dissolved by divorce, a few are voided by court order. Some marriages may automatically qualify for annulment (in cases where Texas law does not allow marriage due to conditions of the parties) or they may be annulled after certain allegations are proven by the party requesting the annulment.
A marriage will be annulled and declared void when the parties to the marriage are related to closely or when a party was married at the time of divorce (provided the party is still married to the original spouse at the time of bringing an annulment action). Under these circumstances a Texas court must void the marriage.
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A marriage is voidable, meaning a court may grant an annulment, if the party bringing the action for annulment proves they were underage, lacked mental capacity due to mental deficiency or alcohol or drug use, married due to fraud, duress, or use of force, married within 72 hours of the granting of a marriage license, or impotency of the spouse. Usually the party filing for annulment must no longer live together with the other party once they learn of the defect or regain their capacity or learn of the fraud.
It is important to understand a dissolution of a marriage by annulment may have differing results concerning property division than a marriage dissolved by divorce.
The Ferguson Law Office will counsel you to determine if you may file for an annulment and whether filing for a divorce might be the preferred solution to dissolving your marriage.
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