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Dallas, Frisco Domestic Violence LawyerIf you or your family is experiencing violence or threats by a family member, Texas courts can help you with the assistance of legal representation.. The Ferguson Law Office will seek to initially obtain a Texas Temporary Protective Order ("TRO") or Texas Temporary Restraining Order ("TPO") ordering the person committing such violent act to stop such acts, not contact you or your children, and be forced out of the family residence when needed. You will not need to see the violent actor or go to court to get this order. You will only need to sign an affidavit and let the Ferguson Law office go to court for you.

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This court order will last from 14 days (Temporary Restraining Order) or 20 days (Temporary Protective Order). Before the expiration of the court order, a formal hearing will occur where a judge will hear evidence and may order a much longer lasting order based upon the testimony and evidence presented to the court.
Should the party ordered not follow the order, by contacting you in violation of the order or committing otherwise retrained acts, a judge can find them in contempt of court and place them into jail. They may even have committed a crime for violating a protective order and be subject to arrest and prosecution.
You and your children do not have to be harmed or live in fear. You do not have to handle this situation along. The Ferguson Law Office is here to help you now.
Please feel free to contact our Frisco domestic violence attorney for a free initial consultation, if you are looking for a Frisco domestic violence lawyer, Dallas domestic violence lawyer, Plano domestic violence attorney or a Frisco domestic violence attorney.
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