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Frisco Family AttorneyThe Ferguson Law office understand the emotional impacts family law places on each one of our clients. We know you turn to us for honest advise and uncompromising representation. That is why we will zealously advocate for your rights while keeping your best interest in perspective.

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A divorce in Texas ends the parties marriage relationship through court order. As a result, several issues must be resolved. These issues include whether someone can legally file for divorce in Texas; how property and debt will be divided, including spousal support; and custody and visitation rights concerning children, including child support. (more info)

Child Custody

Texas child custody cases may arise as part of a divorce proceeding or a separate action, known as a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship ("SAPCR"). Custody orders may also be modified by later court action in suits to modify custody. Paternity may also be established in a suit. Once paternity is established, a party is responsible to pay support and may seek to have custody rights through a SAPCR. (more info)

Prenuptial Agreement

Texas is a community property state wherein spouses during the marriage both acquire an ownership interest in acquired property. However, upon dissolution of a marriage, the court may order a division of property that is not equal. (more info)


Not all Texas marriages are dissolved by divorce, a few are voided by court order. Some marriages may automatically qualify for annulment (in cases where Texas law does not allow marriage due to conditions of the parties) or they may be annulled after certain allegations are proven by the party requesting the annulment. (more info)

Paternity Actions

Paternity in Texas may be either presumed or established. Should a child be born to a married couple, the husband will be the presumed father of the child. Paternity may also be established by a male signing as a father on a birth certificate or other formal record. (more info)

Domestic Violence

If you or your family is experiencing violence or threats by a family member, Texas courts can help you with the assistance of legal representation.. The Ferguson Law office will seek to initially obtain a Texas Temporary Protective Order ("TRO") or Texas Temporary Restraining Order ("TPO") ordering the person committing such violent act to stop such acts, not contact you or your children, and be forced out of the family residence when needed. You will not need to see the violent actor or go to court to get this order. You will only need to sign an affidavit and let the Ferguson Law office go to court for you. (more info)


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