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Frisco Child Custody LawyerTexas child custody cases may arise as part of a divorce proceeding or a separate action, known as a Suit Affecting Parent Child Relationship ("SAPCR"). Custody orders may also be modified by later court action in suits to modify custody. Paternity may also be established in a suit. Once paternity is established, a party is responsible to pay support and may seek to have custody rights through a SAPCR.
Texas uses the term "conservatorship" when discussing child custody. There is a presumption in Texas law that parents should share parental duties and rights, thereby appointing the parents "joint managing conservators".

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Though the term joint is used, it does not mean equal rights. One parent may have the exclusive right to determine where the children live, educational decisions, and medical decisions. Physical custody and possession of your children may also be unequal.
In certain cases, a court may order sole managing conservatorship, whereby one parent has the majority of rights concerning a child. The other parent may simply only have possession rights, which might be limited or supervised.
In making decisions concerning the best interest of your child, you need legal counsel to help explain the various factors that lead to determinations of child custody and rights. The Ferguson Law Office provides dedicated assistance to fathers and mothers involved in divorces and child custody cases.
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