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Charles C. Ferguson, II
Growing up in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana, Charles learned the importance of hard work and standing up for what's right. While success may be had by negotiations, he knows sometimes you must fight for what you believe in. Charles understands not everyone is able to fight on their own behalf and many are in need of an effective advocate.
After graduating from Louisiana State University with both Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L) degrees, Charles began his legal career in Dallas, Texas in a mid-size firm representing numerous clients in various matters. During his time of representing both corporations and individuals in United States Federal District Courts to State District and County Courts, Charles began to prefer focusing his attention to his individual's clients and their personal matters, whether they involved family, criminal, or financial concerns.
It is out of Charles' desire to see each of his clients succeed that he finds satisfaction in helping each of the firm's clients achieve their goals. Though these goals may be achieved in different ways and by different means, Charles knows that a plan of action can only be had by first listening to his clients and understanding their concerns. Once these goals are set, each client is assured they will have a strong and effective advocate to fight on their behalf.
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